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Sunday, July 14, 2013

BBC.co.uk Iraq Bombing Run At Least Killed 30 People

BBC.co.uk Iraq Bombing Run At Least Killed 30 People
According To Iraqi Officials, a bomb attack happened in a cafe of the northern Iraqi city,Cole Cook which caused 30 people killed and 26 people injured.
The report of BBC.co.uk said that the boom happened when the customers ended Muslim fasting in the daytime.
The number of violent incidents in Iraq increased constantly which killed 2500 people this year. There have already been more than 250 killed in July./Mei Zhu

BBC.co.uk News: Pakistan girl Malala Yousafzai delivers a speech at the UN

On Friday (July 12) the Pakistan girl Malala Yousafzai who was ever shot by the Taliban gunman because of her advocacy of women’s rights delivered a speech at the headquarter of UN in New York City describing that the attempt to stop her has failed.

 Last October, Malala was shot by the Taliban gunner on her school bus in the Swat Valley in the northwest Pakistan. With head shot, Malala was sent to a hospital in UK. Now she lives in Birmingham.

  Malala’s suffering draws worldwide attention and also makes the women’s education further though high of. At present, there are about a quarter of girls unable to finish the primary education.

Friday is the Malala’s 16th birthday. Her speech delivered at the special conference of more than 500 students at the headquarter of UN is also her first public speech after the shot.

Power and courage

 Malala said in her speech that terrorists thought they could change her mind, but for her, she got rid of the cowardice, fear and hopelessness and gained power and courage.

She also said extremists feared books and pens as well as women.

Malala called for politicians to rapidly take urgent actions to make sure every student’s rights to education.

“Hold up our books and pen and they are our most powerful arms”,said she.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended Friday’s conference and delivered a speech describing Malala as “our hero”. This meeting is hosted by the former prime minister of Britain Brown who said at the meeting that the present youths are “new super power” of the world and appealed to them to help overcome the obstacle to education./Zhangyan

Friday, July 12, 2013

Thompson has left the BBC.CO.UK in 2012

Thompson has left the BBC.CO.UK in 2012

The former president of BBC, Mark Thompson said that The BBC Trust knew the fact that former vice President Byford
got the severance packages of 949 thousand pounds when he quitted.
Previously, The chairman of BBC Trust, Chris Patten said when questioned by lawmakers that he was astonished after informed that BBC paid the former executives enormously.
He said to the house of Commons committee of public spending the day before:"If you invite former BBC.CO.UK President to inquiry, I would like to know, just like you ,why we have no idea of the related situation?"
However, the former BBC president, Mark Thompson said now that The BBC Trust had received "written and verbal notice".
The severance packages
The BBC.CO.UK (British Broadcasting Company) has paid 150 left senior executives severance packages summed up to 25 million pounds.
The related information has exposed by the UK national audit office report early this month which has caused the British public uproar.
The former president of BBC, Mark Thompson has left there in 2012 and now work for American 'New York Times'.
He issued a written statement and expressed that he personnally greatly look forward to submit the fact in front of the commission on public spending. But as for some description of yesterday's inquiry is inconsistent with the facts, he has to immediately clarify.
Definite notice
He said, The BBC.CO.UK Trust did get an definite notice about the executives severance payment.
" The e-mail sent from my office to the head of the Trust can clearly illustrate it."
"Not only for this e-mail, the detail content about compensation to layoffs has also been sent to the Trust several days before Executive compensation committee has had meeting for the proposal of the severance bills.
"I am sure that The BBS Trust know the inside story and understand all the questions which may cause debate."/Mei Zhu

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Analysis of www.bbc.co.uk search volume in cities and regions across the world

National and regional distribution of bbc's global search volume:United Kingdom enjoys the highest search volume,the next are Ethiopia,Sierra Leone,Eritrea and Malawi.There are most people using bbc in the United Kingdom,this is no dout,because www.bbc.co.uk is just called British Broadcasting Corporation,of course,it has the largest population.

Ethiopia enjoys the second largest search volume,it's because Ethiopia has a larger English Immigration,there are many people listening www.bbc.co.uk.

As for Sierra Leone and Erittea,I believe there are also many English immigrations,they went there in travel,maybe in business and so on.

The top ten regions of bbc's search volume,other than the United Kingdom,other nine countries and regions have a relatively larger English immigration.

There is another important reason,BBC news is not just an ordinary media, but also external mouthpiece of the government, central African country sierra leone, Ethiopia all have closely political relationship with Britain.

The ranking in cities are respectively Edinburgh,Bristol,London,Glasgow,Leeds,Manchest and Birmingham.These are all the cities which have a more developed economy and a dense population.And there are many English immigrations.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

www.bbc.co.uk June 19 headlines

www.bbc.co.uk/ The Afghan government will not take part in peace talks with the Taliban unless the process is "Afghan-led", President Hamid Karzai has said.

His statement came a day after the US agreed to talk to the Taliban in Qatar, where the militants have a new office.

Mr Karzai said the opening of the office contradicted earlier US security guarantees to his government.

In protest, he also said he would suspend talks on the US presence in Afghanistan after Nato leaves in 2014.

Earlier, four US soldiers died in a Taliban attack at an Afghan airbase, heaping further pressure on the proposed talks.

A spokesman for the Taliban said the militants had launched two rockets at Bagram airbase, the largest military base for US troops in Afghanistan.

'Afghanised' talks

A statement from Mr Karzai's office said Afghan negotiators would stay away from the Qatar talks until "foreign powers" allowed the process to be run by Afghans.

The ranking of bbc.co.uk's search volume in the cities of the United Kingdom in 2013

The ranking of bbc's web search volume in the cities of the United Kingdom in 2013,the top four cities are respectively England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Irelandand.

The ranking of www.bbc.co.uk's news search volume in the cities of the United Kingdom in 2013,the top four cities are respectively Wales,Northern Ireland,Scotland and England.

The ranking of hotmail's image search volume in the cities of the United Kingdom in 2013,the top three cities are respectively England,Scotland,and Wales.

So we can see from the graph,hotmail's web search volume mainly concentrates in England,and other three cities are relatively low,the news search volume mainly concentrates in Wales,Northern Ireland.

The British is not "enjoying something related to sex", it will filter

www.bbc.co.uk / The British is not "enjoying something related to sex", it will filter

pornographic web sites from the beginning of next year
In order to avoid the content of pornographic culture and commercialization to hurt the children surfing the Internet the British government decides the network port of the British users will appear a parent content review options which is also selected by default to December 31, 2013. The British ISP will adopt update the content filtering technology to "block off" the pornographic websites for the British Internet users and it just close only after the user applies for closing the content filtering. If not applying for it the otaku can only watch the ads of "Breast Product" in this life.
The pushing hands that accomplish this feat and promote the harmonious development of British society of course is the ruling party of British. The British government hope the ISP can provide a more easier to use filtering technology to avoid the pornographic culture to invade the children world. ISP as a managed object has to obey the arrangement from the government to "build" a healthy Internet environment for the masses.
Before this there was rumors saying the government had adopted a more strict content review mechanism which was more strict than that will be carried out and the user could log in some pornographic website after applying for it if he wanted to log in.